Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lenten Retreat 2013 (and a special little video)

All the seniors on the retreat:

Every year at the Lenten Retreat there is a talent show, and I've never done anything for it. (Hey my main two talents are photography and watercolor, both of which you can't exactly show off in a talent show). But since this was our last year, one of my closest friends, Monica, and I wrote a graduation/goodbye song (to the tune of "The Call" by Regina Spektor) and we sang it in the talent show. Monica is in the pink and I'm in the blue/green.

Here are the lyrics: 
It started out a little awkward, 
No one knew quite what to expect. 
But then we all became good friends, 
Oh the stories, we can recollect. 

And then that friendship spread and grew stronger, 
But now it's time to go. 

We'll be back, 
Around Christmas, 
Having that college glow. 

Just because we're all leaving, 
And goin'
 our separate ways. 

All  we can do is try to know 
What God's plans are, 
As we set our hearts ablaze. 

See your dreams on the dark horizon, 
And never give up

We'll be friends, 
No need to Say goodbye. 

We'll be back, 
for the summer, 
No need to say goodbye. 

Now we're near the end. 
We can't believe how fast the time has flown, 
But just because we're going our separate ways, 
Doesn't mean that we have to forget. 

Let the memories grow stronger and stronger, 
Till they're before your eyes, 

We'll be back, 
When we're older, 
No need to say goodbye. 

We'll be back 
When we're older, 
No need to say goodbye.

Overall, it was the best Lenten Retreat I was able to be at and I can't believe it was my very last one.
~Mary Kate

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  1. I've been meaning to comment sooner - as I've followed your blog (from afar) for a while. Your photos are always beautiful, and I enjoy looking at them!

    The lyrics that you and your friend put together are wonderful - what a great job you've done! I can't see the video, but am sure that it's just as great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I look forward to officially following along with yours!

    Have a wonderful week!