Thursday, June 28, 2012

NYC // Part 1

I am so behind on posting. Seriously. Anyway, I finally got to go to NYC for the first time. We went for a one day trip on June 1st. It was a blast! We rode an Amtrack train from Lancaster to New York City and were in the city by 11. Ten hours later we boarded another train home and finally pulled into our driveway around 1:30AM.

But it was sooo worth the exhaustion. New York City is amazing.

First glimpse of NYC out the train window:

A quick tour of the bottom flour of Macy's was our first stop.

Next we scadoodled over towards the 9/11 Memorial (Ground Zero). On the way we stopped in this church.

The new World Trade Center that is being built:

Ground Zero:

Incredible how our country - who is happily willing to abort a baby - recognizes that there was another life lost (besides the mom)  when a pregnant woman died.

Then we raced over to the Staten Island Ferry. We ate our lunch on the trip to Staten Island, and stood out in the freezing wind on the deck, on the trip back.

As close as we got to the Statue of Liberty:

Part 2 will be coming shortly!!!

~Mary Kate