Saturday, April 14, 2012

Say What?

Oh what to blog about?  I have a bunch of ideas for posts circling inside my head, several of which have made it to drafts, but I haven't been able to finish any of them yet. I have one on Easter, one on the desserts I made with recipe links,  a nail tutorial, one filled with more flower pictures and a whole post devoted to Rose and our "vintage forest" photoshoot. (Sneak peak at bottom of this post)

I've been on break this week and while I didn't mean to, I sort of took a blogging break too. I've been working on a website for my photography. I made one I like a lot, but the host that I made it on is $10 a month which I don't really want to spend. My ten day trial has five days left (you can see it here).

And I've made some changes, first off I'm going back to a smaller image size on this blog. Secondly, I changed my logo and watermark.
My new logo:
 And my watermark can be seen on the images below. It's pretty similar to my old one, just changed it to match my logo.

And today? Today I got Rose dressed up in a dress-up dress, I fixed her hair and put make-up on her. The result?Here's a little sneak peak:
I'm entering the above image in Shoot Edit Submit (for whatever reason I couldn't get the button to work). And I"m entering it in
and in

All of the pictures were taken in our back yard in our very small wooded section.
~Mary Kate

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  1. These are gorgeous! She is beautiful and you are lucky to have such a great spot for portraits in your own backyard!