Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Peak Inside || Design Love

Last summer we switched some bedrooms around, my brother moved into my former bedroom in the basement and I moved into our former office/computer room on our family room level (we live in a split level house).

My previous bedroom was painted tan (my choice 5 years ago, after being sick of the HOT pink bedroom I picked out as a 10 year old). However, starting sometime in the last year or two I began to really dislike the tan, so when I knew I was going to get to start over from scratch with my new bedroom I took to pinterest to figure out what I was really drawn too. And after going through all my hundreds of pins in my "someday house" board, I realized that I LOVE grey walls. There is just so much you can do with a grey base! And so I found the perfect shade of grey and announced to my parents that I wanted my new room to be painted grey...well they did not see the potential that I saw. lol. So last summer, my dad painted my room and kept saying the whole time how he felt like he was painting a prison cell (he's a little on the dramatic side :P).

But once it was dry and I moved in and decorated, my whole family had to admit that grey was a pretty great choice :)
And that camera on the right? That's a pencil sharpener :D

I suppose you can say my style is pretty eclectic but it always comes back to turquoise, hints of vintage, and art. And I love giving things a new purpose, like using Japanese vases as my pencil holders, and a spiral clothing rack in place of a wardrobe (my room doesn't have a closet) and a vintage cabinet for a dresser :)

My sister says my room reminds her of a studio loft for some reason...I take that as a compliment!



For those of you wondering, I found the spiral clothing rack online by googling "round clothing rack". And almost all the art on my walls is either my paintings or photography, the exception being the square rose picture, the black and white NYC postcards in the white frames, and the tiny Paris painting. Oh and I made all my decorative pillows by finding pillows in the shapes I wanted at thrift stores and sewing new covers out of skirts/shirts that I also found at thrift stores.  :)


  1. Everything is so bright and cheery. I love it! The grey looks great, too. I still need to work on my room . . . I share it with three younger sisters, so it gets pretty messy. But I like to keep my side . . . personalized. And clean. :)

    ps: you need to do a DIY for the pillows!

  2. This is adorable times 10! I love it!