Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Planning to be Organized || Design Love

A quick glance at my pinterest boards will show you that I am slightly OCD and slightly obsessed with organizing, especially pretty ways of organizing.

I've used planners throughout high school, or at least I started off each school year using a planner, but every year I got very bored and unmotivated to use it mainly due to it's plain design or not very helpful or useful layouts.

As I've started to  prepare to head off to college this fall, I knew I wanted to find a planner I would actually use. The only problem was...there was none that I really, really liked. So instead (and call me crazy if you wish), I made my own. I used the same digital scrapbooking software that I've used for the past four years to design anything and everything from my logo to my blog headers to my fb headers (because I'm still haven't caved and bought photoshop or other "real" design software).

And so with absolutely no calendar templates and no "shortcuts" I designed an entire 12 month, 365 day planner for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Each monthly spread has a place for notes on the side as well as important holidays/feast days and my family members' birthdays.

And each weekly spread has a place for goals for that week as well as a daily Scripture reading assignment. (I'm a huge planner and have found that the only way I can successfully read my Bible each day is if I have daily reading selections planned out.)

And each weekly spread has room for additional notes on the bottom of the left page and there is a different quote on each left hand page. :) 

I even designed some pretty note book type pages for the back :)

So there you have it, and yes it's true I did spend a ridiculous amount of time on this project of mine, but I am so in love with the results and I can't wait to start using it in August. :)


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