Monday, July 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Hey guys! So I was inspired by Allie over at alliephotographyblog. I was going through some of her labels and clicking on the ones that caught my eye. Last Nov. she did a 30 day challenge where you use one object and take a picture of it everyday in a different place for 30 days. I really liked that idea so I'm doing that now. I'm using an earring of mine.

Day 1 {30 Day Challenge}
My earring is in one of those fiberglass lights.
Day 2 {365 Photo Challenge}
Tomatoes growing in our garden.
 I also started doing this photo challenge:

The letter for this week is "I"
My picture:

With my "I" word being "Irresistible"

project64 button

And the last challenge I'm doing (for right now) is Project 64. I just found that one too, but I like so much that I'm jumping right in at week 29 with the color being "Wisteria".
My Wisteria picture:

.I know I'm now doing 4 photo challenges but at least 2 of them are weekly and 2 are daily.

And before I finish this post, I'll leave you with a few more of my favorite images:
My youngest sibling, Joey (he's 18 months)

The three year old, Benny.

My 8 year old brother, Max.

I know this looks like a fall picture, but actually I just took it, we have a Japanese maple which is red all year.

Mary Kate


  1. Your photos are beautiful!! And perfect color match for Project 64 this week!!

  2. your wisteria photo is beautiful - evokes so much emotion.