Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

This is my first Touch Up Tuesday and I wanted to share three. Two of an old picture I took a year ago with my original cheep kodak point & shoot. And then one I took with my new Canon T2i.I don't have photoshop yet so I use picnik.com which is working fairly well until I can get photoshop. Also, for the first two photos, I took them so long ago that I'm not exactly sure how I edited them. (And I don't even remember how I re-edited them a couple months ago). I know I warmed the colors, played with the exposure, brightened the eyes, sharpened the features and lightly airbrushed the photo to try and get rid of so of the noise (due to the cheepo camera I had).

I want to show two from the point and shoot because a little bit ago I went back and re-edited what I had already edited. So for these two photos I have the SOOC, original edit and the re-edited version.
Photo 1: 

Original Edit

Refubished Edit

 Photo 2:

Original Edit

Refurbished Edit

These are the two edits side-by-side
 Photo 3: (This one I took recently with my DSLR and edited once)

For this one, I played with the expose, warmed the colors a bit, brightened the eyes, sharpened features, blurred the background a bit more and airbrushed. That is it I think. :)
Edited Version
And real quick:
30 Day Challenge
Day 2:

365 Photo Challenge 
Day 3:
Thanks for looking!
Mary Kate


  1. LOVE the picture of your earing and the one of the mug is great as well :)