Friday, December 30, 2011

Just Because

I have a much longer post in the works however I'm heading over to spend the night at my bff's house in a couple of minutes and tomorrow we'll be gone at a party until the evening sooo it looks like my beautiful, long, photo filled post will just have to wait until tomorrow night.

But in the mean time I decided to share these few pictures that I have managed to have ready just because.

Editing has taken me a little longer than usual because I've been useing lightroom for the first time so it's taking some time to get use to. I downloaded the free 30 day trial of photoshop elements several weeks back and I was thoroughly disappointed with it. It was frustrating the heck out of me and I couldn't get any of the pictures to look good. I was ready to give up on photoshop when I decided to look into lightroom more. When I realized it was the more expesive ( which = better) than photoshop elements I got excited and downloaded lightroom's 30 day trial and I LOVE it!
 I love all the holiday bokeh and have taken lots of pictures in front of the Christmas trees. (My brother took the above photo of me)

And then yesterday we got a small snow fall but so small that it's all gone by today.
 And then there are all the pretty Christmas decorations to take photos of:
 And my new christmas gifts make fun photo subjects as well.
Left: my new ring Right: another snow picture
And I'm happy to say that I edited every picture in the post using lightroom :)

~Mary Kate


  1. I love love love Lightroom! Did you know you can buy it for $90 if you're a student (public or homeschooled?) click click :)

    those cookies look delicious, and I love the bokeh!