Sunday, December 4, 2011

Portrait Loveliness

This week's Scavenger Hunt items pretty much fit perfectly with the pictures I have taken this week. I mean the first prompt is "portrait", how more perfect could it get? But it does, because then another prompt is "full of light".


{I'm sorry, I couldn't pick just one favorite! I LOVE my new lens!!!!!}

Nostalgic be a carefree happy, responsibility-free little kid again...

This was an incredibly busy and stressfull weekend, so ironiccly, I didn't have time to take a photo for this prompt and since I'm writing this on my new laptop and I've yet to put my archives from our family computer onto here, this will just have to be photo-less.

Full of Light
There's something about that soccer ball that makes me happy :)


~Mary Kate


  1. Oh wow, so pretty! I wish I had some adorable little siblings to photograph with my 50mm :)

    also, the light in the soccer ball picture is AMAZING. i want some of that.

  2. I love your portraits! Very nice! :)

  3. Love all those wonderful portraits.

  4. Your Full of Light photos are lovely.