Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011

Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos (usually the host of Scavenger Hunt Sunday) is hosting this really cool link-up called Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011. I've been pulling together pictures and have so many to share :) It seems to me that every single month of the past year at least one super exciting thing happened if not more.

Me  - One of the things I'm most proud of this year is how much my photography has grown. I bought my first DSLR, learned how to go on manual mode, I bought a 50mm lens, had my first paid photography gig, and just recently started learning how to use lightroom.  All the learning and upgrading has drastically improved my photos.

I Love You - My sweet and wonderful younger brothers and sisters.
Cecilia, John Paul and Joey

Rose, Ben and Max

Still Laughing... - The following two pictures are SOOC. A few weeks before Christmas both of my brothers had a basketball game (they're on two different teams) at the same school. John Paul's game was first followed by Max's game. I couldn't be at JP's game because I was working but I made it to Max's game. SInce my family knew I was comming they brought along my camera and attempted to take pictures of JP's game.

Unfortunately for them my camera is on manual and the settings were set for whatever I had last snapped a shot of. So the picture on the left is the one JP's game that I missed and the one on the right is Max's game where I was there. Another thing, the photo on the left is actually focused on the door and not the players :)

Winter Wonderland - in October we got 8 inches of snow the night before Halloween. It was crazy but definitely beautiful.

Birthday- In November I turned 16 and had a beautiful party.
Friends - I'm blessed to have so many wonderful friends both at my youth group and my school.

I Was Inspired... - Of the two photos below the one I'm using for this prompt is the one on the right. The photo on the right is one of my many cousins. She lives in MN with her husband and three kids. I went to the beach with them in June and she was 4 1/2 months pregnant with twin girls. I used this photo because just two weeks after this was taken she lost one of the twins and then a few weeks later she lost the other twin girl. This would have been sad enough but add this to the fact that the previous December she had just lost a baby at 3 months and before that she had a miscarriage in June.  

Spring Fever - I bought my DSLR {a Canon T2i} in March, just in time for all the beautiful spring flowers.

 Travel or Vacation - Over the summer I got to go to six different states {Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, and Maryland} - not counting the three states that I only drove through {New York, Indiana and Virginia} and see two major cities {Chicago and Boston} as well as three different beaches {Ocean City, NJ; Madison, CT; and a beach on the Chesapeake Bay} and I flew in a plane for the first time since I was two years old. All in all it was a wonderful summer and I had an amazing time!

At the beach in Madison, CT

Various pictures from Chicago

Pictures from a prairie walk in Illinois

Summer Days - This is one of my favorite ones from the summer.

A Day In My Life; - more school {this is actually from last spring, but my normal day to day life still looks the same}

All Smiles -Me and Benny!

Autumn Harvest -

Family or Home - My whole family plus my Grandad and G. This was taken in May while we were visiting my Grandad and G in CT.

Celebrate! -In June one of my cousins had a surprise 30th birthday party at a near bye park.
 And then just a week later it was July 4th:

Let's Do It Again... - I would love to do the 30 Day Challenge again. It was so much fun! The 30 Day Challenge I'm referring to is when you take one small object {I used the earring in the photo below} and each day for 30 days you take a different picture with the object in it.

I Miss You - My Aunt, Uncle, their five kids, three son-in-laws, one daughter-in-law and eight grandkids. This is the family I go to the beach with every June. It's pretty much the only time I see some of my cousins and their adorable kids.
Beautiful - I saw many spectacular sunsets and sunrises over this past year. However while camping in MD on the Chesapeake Bay we saw the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen - and I managed to capture it in many, many pictures. This is one of them:

Dress Up -Prom! My Academy hosts a homeschool prom in April and so I went with most of my class. It was so fun and in the most beautiful place ever!

Macro - I took this picture of my ring in a tulip last spring:

Holidays - Our beautiful, huge family tree:

My Favorite -This is so hard! I don't think I can pick just one favorite! Well actually almost all the photos I've already shared are favorites, but I still have so many more!
This one is one of the ones I most proud off. I managed to cross an itiem off my bucket list and take a successful lighting photo {some 400+ photos after the storm started, this was captured!}
And these next photos are more favorites from the past year:

Don't Ever Change - Back in June I got all my siblings dressed up in black and white and trooped them outside to do a Father's Day Photoshoot for my Dad. The picture on the right is the nice one but the one on the left is a more acurate picture of the craziness that goes on in our family. I know that change is inetivable, we'll all grow up and have our own families someday. But I hope that the one thing that never changes is our love for one another even we can't spend much time together.
The five youngest ranging in age: 11- 18 months

Just Because...So There! - this prompt makes me chuckle since my very last blog post was titled "Just Because...". anyway here's my picture:

Hopes and Dreams -I don't actually have a photo for this one. My major hope is that my photography really takes off and I get more jobs. I also want to grow in my faith and being the best oldest sister I can be.

Farewell 2011...

HELLO 2012!!!!!!!

~Mary Kate 


    1. What a beautiful series of images, Mary Kate!! Your photography is wonderful. Well done.
      Happy 2012!

    2. Gorgeous collection, particularly love spring, vacation, summer(wow, just gorgeous), and autumn. Well done, what a year!

    3. Beautiful pictures, Mary Kate! Absolutely gorgeous! You're becoming a great photographer. :)

      Happy 2012!

    4. Hard to believe you're only 16 yrs old. Your work is inspiring and I can only imagine what you'll be doing 10 yrs from now. should really be proud of yourself. Well done and happy new year!

    5. Looks like an awesome year and, wow, your photography is just gorgeous! I love the explosions of color.
      also, I've been to Navy Pier in Chicago and it was so much fun :)

    6. These shots are amazing, particularly considering your age. Your Christmas tree is definitely beautiful!

    7. Really great photos! I love those crayons! Nice year!