Monday, November 28, 2011

My New Love

Guess what? You know that package I mentioned last post? The one I was super excited to get? Well it came! And guess what was inside.
I took this photo right before I opened up my brand new lens. I'm sooo excited! And of course, I have pictures taken with my new lens to show you all!

I'm got home from school after dark so I'm super excited to use this lens outside tomorrow in the daylight!
~Mary Kate


  1. aah, that's so exciting!
    I have a 50mm f1.4 too, and I just love it. except that it's really really soft wide open. but it's still amazing! :)

  2. Your kittens are so cute and I love the picture of the piano :)

  3. aww your kittens is so cute. i always wanted to order a 50mm.. but i wasnt sure if its good. but seeing your photos, now i'm 100% sure that i want it... thank you for share it with us..

    i'm your new follower... i love your blog... i would love to have your support in return, to follow me back please :D

    wow what a big family you got :D