Monday, November 26, 2012

Snowless Cold

I keep hearing about all this snow in different places and I'm not gonna lie, 
it's making me very jealous. 
You see, 
I really adore snow.
  I like to live by a philosophy that 
there is no point in it being cold outside
 if it's not going to snow.
 Sadly, our weather doesn't seem to agree with me.

 So to make myself feel slightly better, I went through my photos from last winter and found a few treasures that I had never done anything with. 
Although all it's done is make me want snow even more.

Enjoy these lovelies from last year. 

~Mary Kate


  1. These are beauties, Mary Kate! Great job editing them.

    Same here. :/ Just once, I would like to see some snow on the ground before Christmas arrives, but hey, at least there's no black ice or anything on the roads. That's something to be grateful for! ;)

    Take care!

  2. You may feel differently if you have to drive to work in snow :/

    As a nurse who has to get to work, I dread it. Great pics!

  3. I don't like when it is cold and there is no snow. :( If it's cold, there should be snow on the ground... Your not alone, I still haven't gotten any snow this year yet, and I live in Ohio... :/ Beautiful pictures!

  4. OK you are just amazing at photography!!!:) I love all the pictures!!

  5. I want snow here too!!! Wonderful pictures! I love the ones of the berries.

  6. LOVELY! my favorite is the last one. ;)

    >>----> come stop for tea @

  7. Beautiful photos! Love love love the last one! Simply marvelous :)