Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful // A-Z

An Anthology of Thanks | Hannah Nicole
Hannah from Hannah Nicole, had the wonderful idea of writing an anthology of thanks from A to Z and she added a link-up. It's such a good idea to sit down and think about this past year and what you're thankful for. 
 Here's mine:

amazing people in my life. adventures.
blessings big and normal
childhood: the sweet innocence, raw excitement, pure hearts, and abundant joy. 
disney planning, it's been almost five years and we're so excited to be going back.
enjoying life to the fullest.
forgiveness and redemption.
gift of giving.
ignite, the most special and perfect youth group ever.
joyful celebrations.
kisses from a certain little two year old.
laughter, loud and quiet, great big, belly-shaking laughs and small, soft, half-hidden giggles.
memories that make our history, that tell our story, that give way to smiles and tears.
november: birthdays, thanksgiving.
orange juice. oreos. one direction
photographs. pillows. piano music.
quiet times, rare, and treasured.
rosaries. roses. rose perfume. my sister Rose.
silly & sweet siblings.
traveling to many places. California: TAC and Napa Valley, NYC, Ocean City, NJ, CT, and camping in New York.
unusual surprises,
vacations with family filled with special memories and good times.
water: rain, streams, lakes, oceans, ice water, water in general.
youngsters. adorable, mischievous, completely lovable.
zoo trips. zebras. 

How was your Thanksgiving?  What are you thankful for?
~Mary Kate 

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  1. My thanksgiving went pretty well, thank-you for asking. :) Awesome list of thankfulness, btw! What I'm most thankful for is God's grace.