Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ever since we got Joey's costume a few weeks ago he would ask every day "When we go trick-or-treat?" in his adorable two year old voice. He was beyond excited when the 31st finally came and we told him that today we were going trick-or-treating.

Cecilia debated participating this year, but after hearing that most of classmates were planing on trick-or-treating and one of her good friends from our parish was as well, she decided to go too. Our family split into two groups this year as the older kids wanted to go with friends and the younger kids wanted to go to our Grandparent's neighborhood.

Our crew consisted of a Masquerade Ball person named Evelyn, a Mad Scientist, a 1920s Newsboy, Princess Aurora, Mickey Mouse and an M&M. At Grandma's house a little Lion joined the younger kids.

After dropping off the older kids we went to Grandma and Papa's house where I stayed back and helped hand out candy with my grandmother while Papa and my parents took the little kids out. It was a wonderful evening and everyone had a blast.

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And since Halloween, everyday Joey asks "Can I have my trick-or-treat?" He asks when he wakes up in the morning, and he asks after he eats breakfast and then he asks before lunch and then he can finally have his "trick-or-treat" (his candy) after lunch. :)

~Mary Kate

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  1. Aww!! Love their costumes! :)