Sunday, January 26, 2014

Busy Days || Jamaican Mission {Part 5}

We went back to St. Margaret Mary's School both Friday and Saturday and managed to accomplish a lot! I didn't take nearly as many pictures as previous days, simply because of all the work to be done! Two of the larger tasks we had was one, finishing the wall between two classrooms and then later painting it. And two, painting as much of the wrought iron grills as we had time to do.
To harvest the sugar cane, they first burn the fields (which burns up all the unnecessary leaves) and then the next day they go in with machetes and harvest all the sugar cane stalks. 
On Friday, we stopped at St. John Bosco's Home for Boys for a tour and dinner.

One of the other stops we made Friday was at a place called the Mustard Seed. They didn't want any pictures taken there, as it's a home for abandoned mentally and physically disabled children and adults. There are 14 residents at the one we visited ages 2-35. I know I'm speaking for our whole team when I say it was one of the most difficult and yet beautiful parts of our trip. 

It's very strange that this week is already over, we are leaving tomorrow at 9am to get up to Montego Bay and we fly out at 4pm. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as we make our way back home!! :)

-Mary Kate


  1. You are in our prayers, Mary Kate. All of you! Nicely done! One more Holy Hour for you guys today & one more rosary! Probably squeeze it in at lunch. Have a safe flight home!

    Seán Haney

  2. I've so enjoying seeing the work your group is doing! Prayers are coming your way!