Friday, January 31, 2014

Goodbyes || Jamaican Mission {Part 6}

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On Sunday we drove down to Lionel Town for the last time and visited with Sr. Beatrice and Sr. Pauline after celebrating Mass at their local Church. Sr. Beatrice took us to visit four nearby families and we gave them food and Fr. Jim blessed their homes. Then it was time to say goodbye to both Sisters and then head down to the ocean for dinner.

Along our way to the ocean, we stopped to visit two other families.

 Monday morning we woke up bright and early and said our goodbyes to Peggy and Sr. Maureen and then we were off on our three hour, bumpy van trip back to Montego Bay.
 We pulled up at St. Joe's just before 9pm, exhausted but grateful for the wonderful week we had.

Thank you for following us along our journey!
-Mary Kate

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