Friday, January 24, 2014

Little Hands || Jamaican Mission {Part 4}

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Yesterday morning we took a group shot with everyone with the sign Robin made for Fr. Louis. (Which says: "We carry you in our hearts Fr. Louis - Jamaican Mission Team 2014").  We then piled into the van and headed out to St. Margaret-Mary’s School in Lionel Town.

When we arrived, Sr. Beatrice greeted us and gave us a tour of the school.The kids swarmed around us, smiling and laughing. They were quite eager to pose for the camera and then incredibly excited to come running up and see their face on the camera screen.

Sr. Beatrice and Sr. Pauline brought us a delicious Jamaican lunch of Juicy Patties (which were kinda like empanadas). After lunch we split in to two groups. One group started painting a classroom and the other group started taking the photos of the children sponsored by St. Joe's Parishioners.

One of the things I love about our long van trips is how much we get to see along the way. Something that is pretty common in this part of Jamaica are half-finished houses. People live on the completed first floor, but the upper floors are in varying stages of construction. This is because the Jamaican people build as they can afford to (there are no mortgages or the like). So the big. fancy house will usually take years to be completed. 

We all had an amazing time at the school and are grateful we got to go back today and see the kids one more time (photos of that coming tomorrow).

-Mary Kate

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