Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful Memories

I was blessed to have an amazing summer.

I got to go to some very cool places and see very cool things.

I got to make memories with my younger siblings that I never want to forget.

I got to meet new friends and try new things. 

I got to grow closer to Jesus.

I had a perfect summer.

My Summer {in pictures}
Okay, this is as close as I got to NYC, but I still saw the skyline while driving to CT!

(Just drove through on our way to OH)

 I don't have any pictures of skyscrapers in Baltimore (it's a pretty boring city building-wise to be honest); all I have are the photos I took at the National Baltimore Aquarium:

Madison CT (Long Island Sound)

Ocean City NJ (Atlantic Ocean)

Chicago IL (Lake Michigan)

Rock Hall MD (Chesapeake Bay)

The Sun
Sunrise - {Ocean City NJ}

Sunset - {Ocean City NJ}

 Sunsets - {Catholic Family Land OH}

Sunsets - {Rock Hall MD)





In a circle: Me (in the orange shirt, white headband), Cecilia, Dad, John Paul (white shirt), and Max (orange shirt).

Benny playing Disc Golf at Catholic Family Land.

Playing in the huge jungle gym at Catholic Family Land.

Ben so photogenic, I didn't pose him at hall, just asked him to turn around and smile :)

Our reflection in the "Bean". I'm the one holding the camera. :)

Navy Pier from the Hancock Tower.

Buildings we saw on the boat tour and my sister Cecilia.

The same building, on the left looking down from the Hancock Tower, on the right looking up from the street.

Fun with Friends at Youth Group.

Benny during our talent show at our 4th of July Family Party.
My adorable cousin, David.
My 6 year old sister Rose at Catholic Family Land.
4th of July Fireworks. (I don't have a tripod for my camera yet so I had to improvise and I used my Aunt's stroller as a flat surface.)
A beautiful Farm we passed while driving to Rock Hall MD for our camping trip.

The bonfire in our backyard that we had several times over the summer.

I'm so grateful for all the adventures I got this past summer.

And you know what? I'm actually very excited for all the things that will happen this school year.

I hope you all had equally wonderful summers and an amazing school year!

~Mary Kate