Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Challenges

Like I said last post, I haven't taken too many photos in the past few days and the ones I have taken are still on my camera which my mom has with her today.

Instead I've found several more photo challenges to join!
The first one is over at A Ray of Sunshine. Her theme is Winter and so I'm entering this picture from last week:

The next one is over at Cookie Cutter and the theme is "color"

The last one for today is hosted by Lucia at her blog - Lucia, etc. - and the theme is "the little things". This is my entry because it's the little things like striped pants and red sneakers and golden hour bokeh that make this picture perfect.
This is my youngest brother who is 23 months.
Thanks for stopping by!
~Mary Kate


  1. These are all soo cool! I'm especially loving that last one, with the bokeh and the red shoes ;)

  2. Love the first one! It's so... wintery! The bokeh + the red shoes = amazing <3

  3. i love ALL the pics! love the last one.

  4. The second one is definitely my favorite. Great idea!

  5. Wow, beautiful pictures! I love the vibrant colors in the last two!


    p.s. I'm a new follower