Saturday, January 14, 2012

Etsy Inspiration

Today I was on etsy looking at different photographic prints for sale because I'm considering opening an etsy store. I came across a ton of gorgeous photos but one store in particular caught my eye and I love, love, love the photos in this store. {Her beach photos are my favorites.}

Anyway as I was looking through her beach photos and then other beach photography, I started to wish I had such amazing beach photos. And then to my delight I remembered that I still had several beach photos from last summer that I had never done anything with. So I transfered the ones I wanted to use from the family pc to my laptop. The photos I saw on etsy inspired me to edit these photos a little differently than I normally would and I love how they turned out!

I can't believe the photos above were ones I overlooked when I was sorting through my beach pictures in the summer {by the way these are from Ocean City NJ in case any of you were wondering}. I guess it shows you how changing up your editing routine can make a BIG difference.

This next photo was actually taken in June 2010 at Ocean City, NJ with my previous camera (a Kodak Z918 - which is just a more advanced point&shoot). Here's the originial, SOOC shot:

 And here is the edit inspired by beach photos found on etsy:
 {Linking up this before & after at Follow God Every Day}

You can't even tell it was taken with a point&shoot! I'm so glad that I my editing skills have improved because I definitely couldn't have edited it like that a year ago.
And another one taken with my point&shoot:

 And another beach before and after:
 And the whole edited picture:

I know I've shared the below photo before but it was one of my favorites from the summer but I wanted to try editing it similarily to the above photos so I re-edited and decided to share the before and after:
And this is what it looks like {already edited once but "before" this newest edit, I don't have the original on my laptop}:

What do you think? Do you like this editing or do you think it's a bit much?

~ Mary Kate


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous, and I love the way you edited them. I think point&shoot pictures sometimes need that extra boost!

  2. So gorgeous! I miss the beach. Love your edits too. Thanks for linking up!

    Follow God