Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend was busy.

I got my drivers permit (YAY!!!) and have been driving at least a little bit every day.

My sister turned 14 and is now allowed to wear make-up. {Our family rule is that you can't wear make-up until you turn 14}.

My newest cousin {the one that was adopted from China} was baptized.

I had lots and lots of school work to do before Monday.
I've seen these eos lip balms before and I've wanted to get one for awhile. I got it Saturday and I love it so much!

And I've been trying to edit the pictures for the family session I did last week.

It's been so cold these past few days that I haven't ventured outside. So I've had to come up with creative indoor pictures.

Like goofy selfies:

And peacock feathers:

And since Christmas is officially over it's I set up all my Christmas earrings for a few last christmasy photos:

Did you all have a good weekend?
~Mary Kate


  1. I love your creative indoor pictures! The peacock feather is so pretty and I love how you framed it, plus your sparkly nail polish makes me happy :)

  2. You take such amazing pictures. The quality is amazing!! I really like the 3rd (balloon) and 8th picture!! You are very talented!! All the pictures are very good!!

  3. Love your selfie - very cute :)