Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Instagram Fix

Ever since I got Instagram back in November, I've been loving it. While I love my DSLR, there is just an enchanting charm that the little square instagram pictures have. I love the filters that you can choose from, I love the fact that they aren't the best quality, that they usually have a bunch of noise and I love that they capture the moment in a completely different way than my "big" camera.

So since November I've taken a bunch of instagram photos (my username is: catreads95) and I have shared some of them on here before, but I recently made four collages of my favorite recent(ish) instagram photos and so I decided to share them with you all.

So yeah. Do you use Instagram? If so, what's your favorite (or most used) filter? I try to use a variety of filterts, but I do tend to favor the "Rise" and "Toaster" filters.

~Mary Kate


  1. I just started using it on the ipad. I'm still learning and want to know how to make the collages.

  2. ooh, I don't have my iPod with me now but I definitely need to follow you! or you can find me if you want, I'm @nnnayram :)
    I use Toaster a lot, too! I also like 1977 but it only works on certain photos, otherwise it just looks really weird.

  3. I'm right with you with the whole instagram thing! it's so fun! You have lovely grams <3