Saturday, May 12, 2012

At the Crack of Dawn

The alarm goes off and I groggily get up to turn it off. As I head upstairs I notice the beautiful light just begining to shine through the windows. I grab my camera, a jacket and flip flops and head outside. Why? Because I must make every attempt to capture the early morning beauty.

I don't get up at the crack of dawn every morning, and when I do, I don't usually go outside with my camera, but I just couldn't pass up a photo expedition last Saturday morning before going to take the SAT. And I must say, I am very happy with these pictures :)

~Mary Kate


  1. oh these photos are just pure magic!
    dawn and dust are my favourite times to capture photographs

  2. I am swooning over the light here! What a perfect way to start off a SATurday morning :) I've taken it twice and I usually sleep in until the last possible minute!

  3. Gah, these are too gorgeous.


  4. Oh my goodness. These are amazing!


  5. I'm in awe over the light here! Beautiful! Wish it got foggy and dewy in the mornings here! ;)