Monday, May 21, 2012

Let it Begin

Today was my last day of school.

That's right, as of now I can officially say I have finished three years of high school. That is crazy. Seriously. Next year I'll be going off to college, really? Where did the time go? Was it just me or did this year seem to go by particularly fast?

I have a ton of pictures to share but today I decided to finally upload some videos to vimeo, so I'm going to share those with you instead. Don't worry, they're all short. I promise :)

This first one is a lightning storm from the other night:

This one is from the end of Feburary. Remember when I posted about this place? Well I took the footage in this video while on that retreat. (Little disclaimer: I am a photographer, not videographer so my filming skills are not all that great. I'm sorry for the shakiness and sudden movement.)

And this one is from January:

Also, just wondering, but would you guys be interested in a vlog anytime soon? I've been debating about doing one for awhile. But if you want one, than I'll do it :)

~Mary Kate


  1. Oooh, a vlog would be cool! I've been debating about doing one myself. :)

  2. ooh, cool! I love watching videos like this - and I love the music in the second one ;)
    congrats on finishing school! that is so awesome!

  3. wow!! I really love these. They're so awesome!! congrats on finishing school...enjoy your vacation!! :)


  4. Believe it or not, life flies even faster after school. Keep the projects coming, I love seeing them!