Monday, September 10, 2012

Finding "It"

I think I've finally found my "style" of photography. At least the editing part. I've been struggling for awhile to have my own unique style. I would end up editing my photos to look like other photographer's photos but I wasn't ever completely thrilled with the results.

But then I started to shoot in RAW for the first time and when it came to editing the pictures I was beyond ecstatic. For the first time I was achieving the vision that I had had in my head when I took the photos!

I was so excited that I went back to some of the other pictures I took this summer even though they weren't shot in RAW and I was able to edit them the way I've been trying to for awhile.

 I am happy now :)

~Mary Kate


  1. Awesome pictures, Mary Kate! :)

  2. yes! your edits and photos are amazing, you just make the pictures come alive with a certain glow :) x