Thursday, September 20, 2012

Made by Dad

Way back in spring my mom came up with a plan to re-do my sisters' bedroom and a few months later my dad helped make her plan a reality. In June he built his first piece of furniture, their loft bed. It's truly wonderful and gives them so much more space in their already small room. Now they each have their own "side" of the room and they love it!

~Mary Kate


  1. This is lovely!! I love the bedroom and furniture- your dad and mom did a fantastic job!!!!

  2. Hi Mary Katherine, I was introduced to your site by my sister-in-law Pat Juliana. I just wanted to tell you that your photography and website is very inspiring. Beautiful work! You have a great God given talent and I'm sure he is pleased that you have chosen to us your talent for his glory. Keep up the awesome work! God Bless..... Darlene Juliana