Wednesday, September 5, 2012

three sixty five

Today is my very last first day of highschool and to celebrate my Senior year, I decided to start a 365 project. I've only tried this once before and I got through about a month and this time I'm determined to do better.

And this time around I'm posting my pictures on flickr and they won't usually appear on this blog. I can't promise I'll post the picture every day, or edit it every day. But I'll do what matters - click the shutter every day.

Oh and each photo has a  quote that I picked to go along with the photo so it's sort of a 365 quote project too :D

So go check out my flickr to see the first several days (I started Sept. 1st).

And I'll leave you with day 1/365 (you have to go to flickr to see the quote though).
~Mary Kate

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