Friday, February 24, 2012


I've come to realize that the internet - although wonderfully amazing - is a little too addicting. Between blogging, reading blogs, pinterest, etsy, amazon, and the fact that I now have my own laptop I have been spending way too much time online.  Precious time that should have been spent outside, or playing with my siblings, or doing school, or praying, or reading, or sleeping.

Lent started this past Wednesday and this year I'm giving up is the internet. Don't worry! I'm not disappearing for 40 days, I have several posts scheduled plus Sundays don't count so I can update on Sundays. 

So I'm saying goodbye and taking a break.

~Mary Kate

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  1. Internet breaks are the best! That's what I did last year for Lent. I'll look forward to your scheduled posts :)