Monday, February 13, 2012

This Boy is Two

Two years ago we were in the midst of two blizzards, one after another. Record snow and upwards of 5ft drifts (maybe that doesn't qualify as a blizzard for some of you but here that is definitely a blizzard :D). For the kids it was the best weekend ever. Right before the first blizzard hit our parents drove up to the hospital that my mom loves (it's 45 minutes away) and our Grandmother and Aunt came to stay with us. We waited all day for the call to tell us we had a new brother or sister. And finally at 10pm my dad called to tell us the news. Joseph William was born at 9:17 pm weighing 6 lbs 13.6 ounces and being 19 in. long.

John Paul & Joey
Left: When Joey came home from the hospital         Right: This past December

He is so cute! It's hard to believe he is already a two year old.
His birthday fell on the Superbowl this year so it was a combined Superbowl/birthday party.

He was so excited to sit at the table for his birthday dinner instead of his high chair.

Do you see how long his eyelashes are?

 Joey loves books and loves it when his older siblings read to him:

 I love this little boy so much!

~Mary Kate

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  1. My little sister is 5! Yours is so cute. do come over and see my giveaway!!