Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I came home from a weekend retreat  today (Sunday). The retreat was my youth group's annual Lenten Retreat.

We were in a lodge at a camp up in the mountains. Surrounded by woods, creeks and set apart from traffic noises.

One of my favorite parts of this retreat happens on Saturday afternoon. For three hours (usually it's 2-5pm) we have a quiet time. You aren't allowed to talk to anyone or be with anyone. It's three hours for you to be with God. You can sleep, journal, pray, take a walk outside, etc. In the past I've spent the three hours outside, praying, walking and taking pictures.

This year it was very windy and cold. I wanted to walk around outside so I decided to hike up the "mountain" behind the lodge we stayed at. It was my third time at this camp but my first time hiking up the mountain. (Keep in mind, this PA mountains I'm talking about and there is a big difference between PA mountains and the real mountains out west.)

It was so refreshing to be able to get away.
Get away from the craziness of life.
Get away from the stress of Junior year.
Get away from everyday problems.
Get away from technology.
And just be with my best friends and God for a whole weekend.

While my body may be exhausted from a weekend of too-little sleep and my legs and feet may hurt from my trek up the mountain, my mind and soul are refreshed and ready to face the real world again.

I wrote a few posts ago about taking an internet break in Lent. In that post I mentioned that everyone needs a break now and then. And sometimes breaks from screens isn't enough. Sometimes we need a weekend break away from everything that distracts us from God and everything that keeps us busy and stressed.

I'm so thankful I had the chance to get away for the weekend and come back refreshed. :)
~Mary Kate

{P.S. this is another scheduled post, I wrote it on Sunday after I came home.}

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  1. that sounds like an amazing weekend, and you took some gorgeous pictures - I love the ones of the water flowing, and all the vibrant colors!