Monday, November 7, 2011


I had an amazing Sweet 16 party Saturday. It was wonderful! It was exactly what I had wanted. I don't have time to post all the pictures from my party. However I did participate in this weeks Scavenger Hunt show I wanted to share that with you all.  (I haven't done the Scavenger Hunt in weeks!)

Food from my birthday tea party. My mom made the cake herself, isn't she amazing? All the food was homemade :)

Rosie in all her snow garb. She sure loves pink and purple!
In Disguise
Not sure if this counts, but oh well :)
The garland decorations we had up for my birthday party.

Photographers Choice
One of my favorite pictures! It's from our freak October snow we had last Saturday.

 And I have a couple pictures from my b-day besides the two above.
Each place setting had a name tag for you to wear. I handmade each favor box and made a couple of the name tags and my grandmother made the rest of the name tags.

The tables!

Details.... :) Those are the favor boxes I made in the top right hand photo. :)
Our family room transformed into a magical tea room. I took these the night before.

Guests starting to arrive and have fun!

More decorations. My grandmother made the balls (right). They were really simple, just time consuming.
I received this beautiful necklace from my bff, Anna.

And I'll leave you with some of the last photos I took as a 15 year old:

And I took this photo of my sister Rose last week:

And tomorrow I will hopefully be getting my permit so I can start driving!!! :)
~Mary Kate


  1. You really rocked it out this week - I especially likee your second and third shots.

  2. WOW Mary Kate!! These are wonderful shots!! You really have a gift!
    Happy 16th!! It looks like it was a wonderful party. Just gorgeous!

  3. Mary Kate, I have been waiting to comment on your blog for so long - basically, to tell you that your photography is GORGEOUS and absolutely amazing! You are so talented!
    I love the snow pictures; I wish we had some here.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sixteen, too :) it's a good number.

  4. These are great photos...thanks for sharing the party photos...looks like a wonderful event.

  5. Happy Birthday!! What an awesome birthday cake, everything looks so pretty and special, love the name tags and the book centerpiece and the garland shot is so gorgeous, love the bokeh! Your purple shot is so cute!

  6. Wonderful photos, and it looks like your party was absolutely amazing. Happy Birthday! The snow pictures are magical, as well. :)

  7. Thanks everyone! And thanks for all the birthday wishes.

    Mary Ann: you are so sweet :) It's nice to know that someone was actually reading my blog when I didn't allow comments.

  8. What a wonderful 16th birthday with three generations contributing to its success.
    The subtle shot of the cake is have lots of talent to take you far...
    Happy days

  9. Late happy birthday!! Congrats!!

  10. Thanks for sharing great shots!