Sunday, November 27, 2011


The last day of Thanksgiving break and I'm finishing up homework. Tomorrow I will see my friends at school (I go to a two day a week co-op but we are still considered homeschoolers). Tomorrow I'm getting a super exciting package (more on that tomorrow). Tomorrow I have one of my last art classes of the year. Tomorrow I will be awake to see the sun rise. Tomorrow I will be tired.

But it's still today and even though I have a boatload of Algebra 2 and an hour of Latin and a couple more chapters of Dante's Inferno to read, I'm enjoying one last day of peacefullness before the rush of school begins again.

But in only 3 short weeks we will be done with school for 2011. Sooo exciting! 3 weeks and then we have Christmas break. 3 short weeks which will go by very fast.

And speaking of time going fast, it's already the first Sunday of Advent! Where did November go? And it's Sunday which means:

And guess what? I'm actually linking up on Sunday! It's been quite a long time since I linked up on Sunday instead of Monday or Tuesday or even past that.
This week:
Waiting for the Thanksgiving meal:




Rule of the Thirds
We do Advent Angels all Advent long (each sibling becomes an angel to another sibling and the names are randomly drawn from a hat and it's supposed to be a secret until Christmas Eve). Here's a letter from one Advent Angel to a sibling:

And I can't resist sharing these two photos with you:
My 9 year old brother put one of our kittens in this toy airplane and asked me to take a picture and it was so cute that I couldn't refuse! I'm so glad I took the moment to snap these.
~Mary Kate


  1. Very cute candids and kittens. Love your foliage shot as well.

  2. Lovely!

    Maybe next week the prompt will be "kittens in flight." ;)

  3. Love your foliage and kitty shots! So cute.

  4. kitten! ♥

    and I love your "foliage" photo. :)