Saturday, November 26, 2011

Joey Boy

On Thanksgiving I went outside to take some pictures of the kids playing football and playing on the jungle gym and as I went out my mom asked me to take my youngest brother with me. Joey is 21 months, irresistibly adorable and a very funny little boy.  This is Joey:
See, I told he's cute! When I started taking some pictures of him I was holding him in one arm and my stubborn kit lens would not focus on his face!

 Trying to grab my camera:

 I love this little guy so much! He isn't really talking yet, although you can tell he's trying. :) And he shakes his head "no" whether he means "yes" or "no". And he can't suck at all. As in, he can't drink out of a straw or a sippy cup with a spill-proof insert. He's always trying to catch up with his older brothers. He can be very sweet but he's also stubborn and strong-willed and definitely silly.

I know I shared this earlier but it's too cute not to share again:
{I took these pictures about a month ago and this is one of the ten collages I used for a rotating header on our family blog I write.}

I love you Mr. Cutest Joey Ever!!!
~Mary Kate


  1. aww, he is so adorable :) and the light is pretty, too!

  2. Hi again Mary Kate,
    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog too. Your brother is so cute! :) Aren't siblings awesome ?