Monday, November 21, 2011

The End is Just the Beginning

In other words, fall is almost over and winter is just starting :)
The other day I happened to look out the window and notice that the light was at the perfect golden hour light. Most of our leaves are gone, so I wanted to capture some pictures with the gorgeous light and some to-die-for bokeh. AND as it just so happens, MaryAnn at Shutter Happy is having a photo challenge with the theme being "Color". So my color is a mixture of golden yellows, orangey reds and dusky browns.

The colors started off as a light undertone of the beautiful golden light to come:
I'm entering this photo in Mary Ann's photo challenge {Shutter Happy} :

By the time I found a tree in our back yard to photograph, the sun and sunk a little lower in the sky...

I'm not exactly sure what I love about this shot - I almost deleted it right after I took it because my camera was being stubborn and not focusing on the whole leaf, but I'm so glad I decided to keep it.
The golden light became more intense...

And the following photo I'm entering in golden hour photo challenge @ The Three Photographers Adventure:

Until it forced me to stop because all I ended up with were jack-o-lantern-looking leaves...

{Our five kittens have just started to open their eyes, here are two of them.}

~Mary Kate


  1. These are all so, so pretty! Don't you just love the golden hour?
    just to clarify, are you entering the first picture? or something else?

    and the kittens OHMYGOODNESS SO ADORABLE. i just melted.

  2. Thanks! Oops, I meant to say which one I was entering. I'm entering the second photo. :)

  3. Ohmygoodnessgracious those kittens are just so so cute. We raised a couple of litters was SO much fun.


  4. I love all the sun flares! The light is just perfect! :)

  5. Oh, those are so pretty! I love the sun flares. :)

  6. gotcha, thanks! I LOVE the flare in that one!

  7. I think I might just steal your kittens . . . LOL :P