Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apple Pies

{BTW - This is my last post as a 15 year old. That's right, in an hour I will officially be 16!! Let's hope I can finish this before the hour's up!}
Last week Cecilia and I took a day off of school to bake apple pies at Grandma's house. It's things like that - baking pies in the middle of the day - that make me love homeschooling even more :)
Getting ready to start
Anyway, it's become a yearly tradition to bake apple pies completely from scracth with our Grandma. Sadly we couldn't do it last year because my Grandma was having heart surgery and then had all these complications, so it was really nice to be able to do it again!
 I was a little bit mad at myself, I meant to bring my new wireless shutter release remote so that I could get some pictures of me baking as well, but I forgot. Oh well :) I also didn't take nearly as good of pictures as I could have because I was rushed trying to stay caught up with the rest of them. (We each were making our own pie).
But it was a lot of fun! Our Aunt Jackie (picture above: bottom left) joined us with her daughter, Lauren (picture above: top left). We definitely got messy with all the flour we were using!
Okay, so I didn't get the world's bet pictures, and yes I totally messed up my white balance half-way through because I didn't trust my instincts and I changed it (don't ask me why) and no, I didn't get any pictures of myself...but I think still managed to capture the essence of what happened at Grandma's house. We made more memories and laughed and made a mess. We get sticky from the juicy apples, sneaked bites of apple filling, almost tripped over the cat, got a flour bath and then perfected the art of apple pie juggling while riding home. {Maybe I should explain the last part, my grandma only has one oven, so we baked our pies at our own houses. The drive home was a bit of an adventure, every turn and slight incline or decline in the road, would cause some of the juicy filling to leak out. So we had to turn the pies at just the right angle at just the right times to avoid loosing half our filling!}
David, my other Aunt's 1 year old :)
And so ended our adventure with the apple pies.
~Mary Kate

{Phew! I finished this with 3 minutes to spare!}