Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dear Friends, 

Hi! I hope your life is going good. I just got back from a two day retreat with my youth group. It was an amazing retreat and probably among the best I've been on. While on the retreat God made it clear to me that I needed to make some changes in my life. This blog is only a month old, but it's already quickly become one of the most important things in my life. I cared about it way too much. And what I cared about most, was what people thought about my pictures. I was becoming almost addicted to checking this blog to see if I had any new followers or comments. 

And so I've taken down most of my pages ( I now only have the About Me page) and I'm in the process of writing a couple new pages, one that explains what my purpose is in this blog and the changes I've made, and the other in explaining what I believe and why. I realized that there is no need to share my bucket list, in fact for me it  was a selfish thing (I'm not saying everyone who has a bucket list up is selfish, I really enjoy reading your bucket lists), I wanted you all to see it and read it and like it. But why? What was the point?

I think one of the major changes is, I'm not allowing comments anymore. This has nothing to do with a negative comment or an uncomfortable comment. I loved your comments, way too much. The problem that I realized on the retreat was that everything I posted was for the point of getting new comments, being "popular:" in the blogging world. I wanted to be noticed by people and I wanted my photography to be appreciated. At first it wasn't a bad thing, but it got to the point that this blog was becoming one of the top priorities in my life which it should not be. Not allowing comments is going to be really, really hard for me, as I will continue to post and I hope you'll continue to read and follow but I will have no idea if anyone as read or cared about what I posted. (I am in the process of getting another e-mail, one for this blog so you can e-mail me questions, I'm assuming they'll be mostly concerning what I believe, although I hope to avoid any negative e-mails).

And I'm not strictly doing the 365 Challenge anymore. This time I didn't "fail" but I stopped because it's unimportant compared to my prayer life, my family and my school.

Lastly, I hope to blog of more important things and not just blog to get comments, or get followers, or complete a challenge or simply to have more posts in a month.

So thank you. Thank you for reading and commenting in the past, thank you for following and for you sweet words that made me smile and gave me a nice warm feeling. I will continue to try and read and comment on your beautiful blogs when I can. And thank you in advance for continuing to read and follow my blog.

Remember: Jesus loves you.

~Mary Kate