Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Family,

I hope you know just how much I love you. 

I love the good times and the bad.
I love the craziness the goofiness and the adventurous parts of our life. 
I love the sweet moments, the beautiful memories, our prayer times and our dinners together.
And I wouldn't trade you for any family in the world :)


I love your sweet side and your adventurous spirit. 
I know we can drive each other crazy but I hope you know what you mean to me.
I love all the games we've played together and the memories we've made.
I can't believe you've started high school.
Are you really turning 14 this year?

John Paul,
My crazy, sweet, food-obsessed, strong-headed, not-so-little little brother.
You've grown up a lot this year and I'm proud of you.
Thanks for taking over the imagination department and making up games for your four younger siblings.
I love the fact that you're an 11 year old boy how knows how to cook dinner, fold laundry, change a diaper, put a baby to sleep, and have lots of boyish fun with your younger brothers.

You are so very sweet and loving.
You are growing up so fast, but you're still a cute little kid :)
You're the youngest of the oldest and the oldest of the youngest!
I love playing games with you and making crafts together.
Mr. Almost 9 year old, don't grow up to fast, okay?

Thanks for being my model for lots of photo shoots.
Despite being sandwiched between four boys, you are the most girly girl I know.
I'm so proud of the beautiful garden your growing in your heart for Jesus.
I love the fact that you desire to dress modestly.
You are becoming such a good student Miss 6 year old.

Why is this one of my favorite pictures of you? Because you are so stinkin' cute!
You make the most hilarious faces and comments.
I love cuddling with you and reading to you.
You've been full of surprises since the moment you decided to enter this world on August 14th 2007 and have a 12 day hospital stay as a little preemie. It sure was hard to have to wait 12 whole days to get to hold you.

Hello Mr. Youngest! You have turned from a baby to a little boy this year!
You've just begun to get vocal (although you still don't really say anything).
You are contstantly trying to catch up with your older siblings.
We think you may be the first left-handed member of our family, but maybe not
I love your pouty face, it is the best pouty face ever!

You are all so cute, sweet and wonderful!
Your big sister, Mary Kate