Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Story

Today the photo I'm sharing is not my best photo by far (actually it's a pretty bad photo), but it does have a story so I'm linking up with:

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Last night as I was cleaning my desk before bed I found this surprise waiting for my on my curtains:
Now, for those of you who live where there are much bigger and scarier spiders, don't laugh. This thing almost killed me! We get these spiders in our basement (and sadly my bedroom is in the basement) and they are the biggest spiders we have. Of course I must kill the horrible beast. However in my photo obsessed head, I decide to get my camera and take a picture of it first. And then I spend about five minutes decided how to get rid of it. In the end I used an index card box to trap it and then I disposed of it. (I'm sorry if any of you are against spider killing, but when it's in my bedroom...)
And since this photo will totally ruin my photography reputation if seen alone, I must add one of my actually good photos:
And then to further prove what I can do, I'm linking up with Macro Friday:

It's not my most recent photo, but I just recently edited it:

~Mary Kate