Monday, August 29, 2011

After the Storm Comes the Calm

We lived through Hurricane Irene...yay! Actually, I live in central PA so all we got was strong winds and some flash floods (not near my house though). And we did lose power all morning. It's amazing how much we use electricity for. We have a well so when we lose power we also lose water. But it was okay, it was only out for the morning and compared to some people closer to the shore we have it pretty good.

Enough about the hurricane. Moving on, I managed to get all the items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday and am actually posting on Sunday! :)

This weeks items were: Old and New, Night Photography, Music, Cheesy and Sun.
1) Old and New
I've collected postcards since I was 8 years old, buying them where ever I go. With the result that I have bought the same postcard more than once several years apart. Like this postcard from Madison CT. I bought the "old" one (the top one) about 6 or 7 years ago and just this year on our annual visit to my Grandad's house, I bought the second "new" copy.

2) Night Photography
I wanted one picture of the lights from Baltimore that we could see while camping on the Chesapeake Bay (last Mon-Wed). I took this about an hour after sunset, right before the last bit of light left the clouds, I had to use a 30 second exposure (the longest my lens can do) to get this amount of light. Click on the picture to see it better.

3) Music
I took several different photos of music sheets and the piano, and I like this shot best.

4) Cheesy
Had to use this picture because it's such a cheesy photo! When I was showing my mom the photos from our camping trip, she commented "it looks like you're about to spear them with your giant hotdog." lol... I guess it does!

5) Sun
Oh boy, this was a hard one. Not for lack of inspiration or photos. Actually the opposite, I have way too many sun photos. The two sunsets we had on the Chesapeake Bay were spectacular with the result of an overload of sunset pictures that I can't choose from! So I'm sharing my top three favorites (which all happen to be from the first night's sunset).
I love the flock of birds that flew right in front of the sun as the sun was beginning to set.

Absolutely LOVE the clouds in this one. It was one of those cases when the photo just doesn't do the actual thing justice. This was the most amazing sunset I've ever seen and the clouds were so pretty.
I've also been diligently taking a photo a day for my 365 Challenge.

Day 33 {August 25}
My list of " Literary Classics" to read. (I think I've read 4 or 5 of the ones on the list and it's a long list)

Day 34 {Augsut 26}

I've taken several pictures of my curtains before, including using it with my earring for one of the days in my 30 Day Challenge.  But I've also taken pictures of it before with my old camera

Day 35 {August 27}

Day 36 {August 28}

Right as I was beginning my evening chores, I looked outside and noticed that the light was amazing. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to the cornfield behind our house. I'm so glad I did because the light was beautiful!

More Corn Photos:

Remember I said I had a postcard collection? (I mentioned it with my "Old and New" photo for the Scavenger Hunt). I decided to count my postcards and see how many I have. And so here are the numbers:
Vintage Postcards: 31
Postcards Given to me: 71
Postcards I've Bought: 193
Grand Total: 295
This is what 295 postcards looks like:
What can I say? I've been collection them since 8 years old, I guess even then my love for photography was showing, I loved photographs and postcards. :)

~Mary Kate


  1. Beautiful photos! Gorgeous sunsets! Haha, the giant attacking hot dog!

  2. :O I ♥ your Sun and Music pictures!!!

  3. So glad you guys made it out okay. I love your night photography and sun shots!

  4. Oh my goodness, those sunsets are beautiful! I made it through Irene here in Virginia too - it really makes you appreciate things like wifi and microwaves.

  5. Never get tired of seeing those beautiful sunset shots- I could look at them for hours!

  6. The sunsets are great and I especially like the night photography of the city lights in Baltimore. Used to see this quite a lot when I lived in Virginia and would travel up north to see family. Thanks for the memory.