Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm in IL :)

I everyone! So my first week of vacation is finished and I'm now at my cousin's house in IL. I was able to upload my 30 Day Challenge Photos and my 365 Photos from the past week.
Before I post the pictures...

Allie's having a giveaway! You have to be a follower to enter and she is an amazing photographer so if you haven't already, you should check out her blog!

Okay onto the pictures:

30 Day Challenge
Day 6 {July 30th}
On the net outside a ball pit.

Day 7 {July 31st}
Hanging on a slide opening.

Day 8 {August 1st}
On a wood wall of a shed.

Day 9 {August 2nd}
On the curtains in our cabin.

Day 10 {August 3rd}
On a towel.

Day 11 {August 4th}
Hanging on the clothesline.

Day 12 {August 5th}
On a stack of cards in the car ride to IL.

Day 7 {July 30th}
While driving to vacation I set up these gummy bears on a book on top of a headrest in the van. :)

Day 8 {July 31st}
There's a disc golf course where we were and so we played several times.

Day 9 {August 1st}
Pages of my assigned summer  reading "The Once and Future King"

Day 10 {August 2nd}
Raindrops on the tent pole.

Day 11 {August 3rd}
Pretty self-explanatory.

Day 12 {August 4th}
Another pair of my earrings on the porch railing of our cabin.

Day 13 {August 5th}
At a rest stop on the turnpike to IL.
Phew, that was a lot of pictures! But I'm proud of myself that I faithfully took them each day.
Later this week we will be spending two days in Chicago seeing various sights including going on the Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago so I will definitely have a lot of pictures from that. Plus I have a lot from this past week as well. But all those wonderful pictures will have to wait until I get back home. :)
Thanks for looking!
Mary Kate


  1. Beautiful pictures! My favorites are the gummy bears, the tent pole, and the flag picture.

  2. LOVE the Day 7 earring picture and your other Day 12 picture :)