Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photo Dump

First I catch up with my 30 Day Challenge and 365 photos and if you scroll down, I have some more lightning photos I took near the end of this post.

Today was the 27th day for my 30 Day Challenge. I only have three more days. :) Here are Days 24-27:

Day 24 {August 17}
Day 25 {August 18}

Day 26{August 19}

Day 27 {August 20}

And that means I'm almost done with the first month of my 365 project:

Day 25 {August 17}
My brother turned 4 on August 14th and I really wanted to take some "4 year old" photos of him. This was the first chance we got. I love this photo of him!

Day 26 {August 18}

Another lightning shot I managed to get. :)

Day 27 {August 19}

My bedroom is in the

Day 28 {August 20}

"4 year old" Photo shoot

And then little brother, Joey, joined big brother, Benny.

More Lightning Shots (all taken that night):

I thought I'd tell you how I took them since it took my almost an hour before I got the right settings. The above pictures were taken with a 4 second shutter speed and an 100 ISO. I don't have a tripod so I set it up on a chair on our front porch and then just kept clicking the shutter button every 4 seconds and hoped lightning would streak across the sky during the 4 seconds and it did several times! 
~Mary Kate


  1. Wow! I love the raindrops, and the lightning looks awesome.