Thursday, August 25, 2011

Far, Far, Away

I got to cross two more items of my bucket list (which by the way is a new page I put up), I saw three shooting stars while camping and then last night I found out that I had been picked as the winner for Mcdougall Photography's Fabulous Friday photo link-up.

Thank you very much for picking me as the winner!

I have a very busy day and so I don't have long to do this post or edit photos so I'll have to post more from camping later. But I wanted to enter {A Photo} Challenge before I forgot and it was too late. The theme for this week was "Something in the Distance". I figured I would get a good photo for that while camping what with the boats and birds and such, but I wanted it to be unique.

You know the binocular things where you put in a quarter and then you can look through? Well we went hiking on this National Wildlife Refuge island about 10 min. from where we were camping and they had those. I thought it would be cool if I could take a photo through them since I don't have a big zoom lens. It's not perfectly clear, but I really like how it turned out and I think it's perfect for something in the distance.

Also I finished my 30 Day Challenge while camping:
Day 29 {August 22}

Day 30 {August 23}

And since it's over I made a collage of all 30 Days:

And that means I've completed 1/12 of my 365 Challenge:
Day 30 {August 22}
Day 31 {August 23}
Day 32 {August 24}

And I'm sharing these photos in Sara's photo swap over at

That's all for now - I hope to be able to edit and then post more photos tomorrow but we'll see :)
I have chores waiting for me so I better go, 
~Mary Kate


  1. The binocular picture is really cool! congrats on the photo challenge and the 30-day challenge :)

  2. :O Your last shot is incredible!!

  3. Love your collage. Definitely a great way to reflect on the challenge.

  4. Just wanted to invite you to my photo swap going on right now!! Would LOVE for you to share your gorgeous photos!!

  5. Thank you SO Much for linking up to the party!! I just LOVE your pics! And hope you will link up again next week! ;) I am trying to get more people to join right now but eventually the party will be larger, I HOPE!! ;)

  6. Oh my goodness those pictures are AMAZING!!!!! those clouds are so pretty and the detail in the last picture is awesome!!!!!!1 I followed!