Monday, August 15, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

So this time I'm posting this with enough time to link up!  Yay!

1. Against the Light
My little sister. I had to get down low on the ground so that when she jumped, she went higher then the distant mountain and you could see the sunset all around her.

2. Frame Within a Frame
At my Aunts house they have a garden bench and while looking for something to use as a frame for this item, I noticed that if I got down to the right angle, I could frame the green plants with the garden bench.

3.Best Part of My Day
Walking around Chicago this past week was awesome and this was one of the best parts.

Buttons was a good item for me as I have a small button collection in a little box in my room. After several photos of buttons set up various ways, this was my favorite.

This was quite the process. I decided for an ink photo I wanted to cut two pens and squeeze out this ink into something, then I spotted this little seashell and thought "perfect". I did this at 2 AM last night and turned my hands blue but I like the result :)

30 Day Challenge

Day 20 {August 13}

Day 21 {August 14}

Day 21 {August 13}

Day 22 {August 14}

This is what happens when three naughty little girls get into your makeup.
Mary Kate


  1. What a fantastic set - I am in love with that first shot!

  2. I love the first two! How pretty!

  3. Love your scavenger hunt photos!!! BTW. Thanks for commenting on my blog post!!! =)

  4. Fabulous set, they are all great! Love against the light! Ink is just crazy, but looks fantastic!