Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Texture Time

I'm participating in Edit Me again. This is the new week.

My Reflection of Something

Here's the lovely original photo:
 I decided to play around with textures, I don't usually like the effect of textures but I really like how this came out.
My edit:
Basically I did what I would normally do for a photo.
1) Played with the exposure, levels and colors until it looked good
2) used the sharpening tool to sharpen the photo
3) play with the colors a bit more.
but even after I had done those three steps, I felt like it was still lacking something. So I decided to go against what I normally do and try a texture. On picnik you have limited choices for textures and this was the best one. Then I over-layed it so that it didn't drown out the picture.
The last thing I did was add the slight border of sepia.
I hope you like it as much as I do!
~Mary Kate


  1. what a great edit! i think the texture really works and the colors are beautiful. great job.

  2. It looks great! :) Love the edit part!

  3. I like our take on this one. Looks like an old potcard. Nice job. See u next week at edit me.

  4. I like how you used the texture to add a frame! Great idea.

  5. Excellent edit! I do love that you decided to play with textures, because I think this photo is a great canvas for that, but even more I LOVE your colors!! :)