Sunday, August 14, 2011

There's no place like...

...HOME! I'm back from two completely different, but equally amazing weeks. It's really good to be back home. My sister and I flew home from Chicago this morning and then we celebrated my younger brother's 4th birthday. Then my sister got on the computer and so my first chance to get on the computer was 10:30pm. But I've been dying to load my pictures and edit some so, despite the late hour, despite the fact that I'm exhausted, here I am two hours later. After loading and organizing all my pictures I was able to edit the rest of my 30 Day Challenge and 365 Challenge photos that I took while on vacation.

So here goes:

30 Day Challenge

Day 13 {August 6th} 

I accidently forgot about taking this photo until it was already dark, so I had to look around for something in the house, in the room I was sleeping in there was this tapestry thing hanging on the wall and so I hung the earring in it. Sorry about the poor light.

Day 14 {August 7th}
On my Aunt and Uncle's outdoor table.

Day 15 {August 8th}
In the bricks of their house

Day 16 {August 9th}

On their hammock

Day 17 {August 10th}
Hanging on the chain going to the hammock
Day 18 {August 11th}
On the disc swing they have in their yard

Day 19 {August 12th}
My personal favorite 30 Day photo so far. I wanted to have the earring with Chicago somehow in the background, and the only way to do that was to hold the earring (which explains my hand in the left corner). But I love how this turned out!

Day 14 {August 6th}
I was in desperation trying to find something to photograph so I grabbed my Aunt's sugar bowl which she bought in Italy this past May and snapped this picture. This is one of the two photos I will be doing for Touch Up Tuesday.

Day 15 {August 7th}
We went to the Renaissance Fair that day and driving home I remember I didn't have a photo for that day so I took this while we were sitting at a red light.

Day 16 {August 8th}
While looking for insiration in their yard, I noticed that their hose was dripping and I thought the yellow color of the hose went well with the tanish brick of their house wall.

Day 17 {August 9th}
This is my space photo for the past Scavenger Hunt, but sadly it's one of the few photos I took that day and so it's also for this challenge.

Day 18 {August 10th}
I mentioned that I wanted to work on food photography and street photography. We don't live near a huge city so I don't get a chance for street photography often, so I was excited to walk around Chicago. I caught this while comming out of the Art Museum, there is a walking bridge across the road and I noticed this woman taking a picture of some of the skyscrapers. Of course I had to take this picture :) I'm just glad I caught it since I was walking while taking this and she moved away right after this shot because I went to take another photo and she was already walking away.

Day 19 {August 11th}  

We went on a praire walk Thursday (August 11th) and when I saw this bridge I knew I had to try my newfound love of low angle, focus on the ground, shots. :) {This is the second photo I'm going to use for touch up tuesday)

Day 20 {August 12}
I like this photo because of the element of mystery it has. I woke up really early Friday morning to try and catch some of the glorious morning light. I had noticed the night before that my Aunt had this antique desk in their foyer and the desk had some beautiful details. This is the side of the desk, I love the sun rays and bokeh.

Now another half hour as passed and I really must go to bed. But now that I'm home, I should be editing and posting a bunch more pictures soon!
Mary Kate
{Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering why I suddenly changed my watermark, I haven't permently decided to change it, I still like what I did before, but this new watermark is sooo much easier and takes half the time to add to each photo. I don't know what I'll do with all future photos :) }