Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When the Magic Happens

I think a lot of people assume you just need a good camera to get a good photo. And it's true a good camera does help capture a great image, but you also need to know how to edit well. Personally I think editing is at least 1/2 of what makes a great image. Even by using an online editor like picnik.com and not photoshop, editing makes my pictures look so much better. Put it this way: taking the picture is the rough draft, and editing makes it the final draft. And the rougher the rough draft is, the harder it is to make it a good final draft.

Anyway that's my little spiel on editing. So now on to Touch Up Tuesday.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

1.) Making it Warmer
This isn't a bad image, it's just rather flat. But after uploading to picnik and doing the magic:

ah...much better. Basically I warmed up the colors, played with the exposure, used the sharpening tool (which is oddly named "mascara") and ta-da! There it is looking much more alive :)

2.) Crispier the Better
Not a bad photo, but again, by it's self it's a little flat, the colors are dry.

What a nice difference. Again I just played with the exposure till it looked good, warmed the colors, brightened the colors and used the sharpening tool.

30 Day Challenge
Day 22 {August 15}

Day 23 {August 16}
On my summer reading book "The Once and Future King"

Day 23 {August 15}
I've wanted to do this for a while now and so I just decided to do it.

Day 24 {August 16}
After shopping for school supplies and completely organizing my desk, my pen holder looks like this.

Mary Kate


  1. Your pictures are always so fun to look at. I'd have to agree with you, knowing how to edit pictures makes a difference as well in the quality of the pictures that we take.