Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking Back

Recently I've been thinking about when I started to love photography. I think in my "about me" page I said about 2 years. Which is how long I've been knowingly loving and obsessing with photography. But actually I have  loved cameras and pictures since I was a little girl. I bought my first camera at 7 years old, it was a small, cheap (I think $5 or $7) plastic film camera. I remember that the only thing I wanted was this $20 Barbie camera but I didn't have that much money and my mom said I had to pay for it myself if I wanted it. Then when I was 11 years old, right before my mom gave birth to my  5th sibling I bought my very first digital camera, I was very excited and had saved $100 to buy a Kodak point and shoot on eBay. I remember looking on eBay at expensive cameras and telling my mom "someday I'll have one of those big black cameras", I didn't know that in 4 years I would indeed have one "of those big black cameras". :)
{Two picture from my $100 Kodak p&s}

Then my mom lost my camera (she dropped it in a parking lot and forgot about it) so she had to buy me another $100 camera, but even a year a half later, the new $100 kodak camera, was better than the first.
{Two photos from my second $100 Kodak camera}
These two were some of the very first "photography" photos I took:

 Then in last year at the very end of May '10, I upgraded to a $400 Kodak point and shoot, it took great pictures if the light was great but not so great in bad lighting.
{Two photos from $400 camera}

And then this past March (2011), I finally bought a DSLR, a Canon T2i.
I've happened to take a lot of similar photos with my DSLR as I did with one of my old cameras, so I've put together Then and Now collages:

It's fun to see how my skills have grown with more practice, better editing and better equipment. Be sure to let me know if you do something similar, I'd love to see how your photography has grown!
~Mary Kate


  1. Wow! You've had a real talent right from the start. I've been thinking about posting some old photos from my first Kodak p&s.

    I love those two of the orange lily!

  2. Well that is certainly exciting. There is a definite difference in them! I know that I loved my pics when I had an interim camera- but it wasn't until I went back & looked at a lot of my pics that I realized the difference now that I have my DSLR. I love it- one of the best purchases I ever made for myself.

  3. Incredible! Reading this post makes me realize how lucky and blessed I have been. I never had to buy my own camera. In fact, the "big" camera that I use now is not really mine - it's my dad's - but he has relinquished all claims on it, seeing that we have a second camera that is almost exactly the same as my one.

  4. I'd never thought about looking to see how my photography has grown. Love this post! :)